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Computer Services

This is a partial list of our services and prices.
All services may be performed at clients’ locations.

Home, Home Office/Small Office

Free Assessment

  • Assess your networking needs.
  • Explain how networking can save you time and money.
  • Estimate the costs of additional networking equipment.

Network Installation

  • Configuration of wired and wireless routers to allow multiple computers to securely share resources.

Wireless Network Troubleshooting and Repair

  • Diagnose and repair connectivity problems.

Wireless Security

  • Assess your wireless security needs and implement appropriate measures to achieve the proper level of security.

Simple Network Installation

  • Connect two computers, or one computer, to an additional device, to share resources. (Files, printers, etc.)

Add Network Devices

  • Add one computer, network printer or other device to your network.

Computer Setup and Security

Computer Setup

  • Set up your computer and connect it to the Internet.

Hardware Upgrade

  • Installation of new network card, memory, video card, etc.

Individual Program Software

  • Install computer programs
    • Programs must be licensed to the user and compatible with the operating system.
    • Examples: QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Anti-virus Programs

Software Suites

  • Install software suites
    • Software must be licensed to the user and compatible with the operating system.
    • Examples: Office Suites by Microsoft, Word Perfect and OpenOffice, Internet Security suites by Norton and MacAfee.

Operating Systems

  • Install any properly licensed operating system on your computer.
    • Perform appropriate updates.

Add Peripheral Devices

  • Add a printer, scanner or other device.

Data Protection

  • One Time Backup.
    • Configure a one-time backup to a CD, DVD or external Hard Drive.
    • Automate backups
  • Configure automatic backup strategy
    • Configure multiple backups for redundancy and security to a CD, DVD or external Hard Drive.


  • Email, Microsoft Office, Computer Usage, Computer Networking, Quickbooks, Microsoft Accounting, etc.